miércoles, mayo 18, 2011


- Estaba mirando aquel lienzo y le quité la sábana...
... y me quedé contemplando esa inmensa superficie blanca y me dije... Eso es. Puedo hacer lo que quiera. Las posibilidades son ilimitadas. Soy el principio y el final de esto. Y me preguntaba qué línea haría primero y cómo se movería y qué forma y color tendría... Y me sentí tremendamente aterrorizado.
- Je, je... El miedo a la libertad, Leo. Somos como pájaros encerrados en una bonita jaula. A veces vuelas hasta otra ligeramente más grande, pero nadie tiene el valor de abandonar para siempre la cautividad.

Cositas que me gustan:

"But when they dim the lights
Forgetting my stage fright
I find that little smile
Cause I've got you and you've got me
I've got you and you've got me"

martes, mayo 17, 2011

Compartir la intimidad

Cuando era más joven me preocupaba mucho la soledad; que no me quisieran o ser incapaz de amar. Según pasaron los años, cambiaron mis preocupaciones. me obsesionaba ser incapaz de tener una relación, de compartir la intimidad. Sentía como si los demás vivieran dentro de una casa cálida de noche y yo estuviera fuera, y no me pudieran ver; porque me hallaba allí en la oscuridad. Pero ahora estoy dentro de esa casa y siento lo mismo.

Cositas que me gustan:

"And I don't want another go around
I don't want to start again
No I don't want another go around
I want this to be the end
I want this to be the end
I don't want to start again
I want this to be the last thing we do"

martes, mayo 10, 2011

New Order

New Order should never have been called New Order.
Bernard Sumner should never have been a lead singer.
Joy Division's survivors should never have made dance music.
New Order should never have composed the best selling 12 inch record of all times.
New Order should never have disguised themselves as hard rockers for the Touched by the Hand of God video.
US kids addicted to MTV should never have taken it for granted.
New Order should never have earnt a lot of money, only to be bankrupted because of the Hacienda, their club in Manchester.
The Hacienda should never have opened.The Hacienda should never have closed.
New Order never properly signed with Tony Wilson from Factory Records but followed all the label's history, from the punk debuts to the Acid House ending.
New Order shuold never have signed in the US of A on Q West, Quincy Jones' soul music label, but Quincy thought that it was "the best Brit band! Much better than the Sex Pistols!".
Suppose New Order hadn't written Blue Monday, Neil Tennant would have never founded the Pet Shop Boys.
He would still be a journalist.
New Order don't use make up like The Cure, don't dress up like Depeche Mode and don't have haircuts like the Human League.
New Order are a serious band, but they weren't afraid to compose the official British anthen for the World Cup 1990.
England should never have lost this World Cup. Any World Cup.
New Order can be outrageously cold like hard dance. Never narrow minded.
New Order doesn't dance, but really likes it anyway.
They stood there, without saying a word to their audience. It was cool.
Nowadays they spend most of their time talking & doing encores every night. It's cool.
New Order is a weird band: Peter Hook has a strange way to hold his bass, Steven to use his drums, Barney to dance and Gillian to, uh, well Gillian you know.
If Ian Curtis hadn't committed suicide, New Order would never have existed.
If New Order hadn't played in New York, the would have never discovered Larry Levan's Paradise Garage and John Jellybean Benitez's Fun House.
They would never have worked with Shep Pettibone, Arthur Baker, John Robie or Steve Silk Hurley.
And the history of House music wouldn't have been the same.
If Peter Hook hadn't produced Made of Stone, there would never have been a Stone Roses' phenomena.
If Bernard hadn't produced Freaky Dancin', there would never have been a Happy Mondays' phenomena.
Without the Roses or the Mondays, no Madchester.
Without New Order, rockers would still listen to rock.
New Order refused to mime on tvs. Imposed their own conditions. And it wasn't for fun. New Order never showed their faces on record covers. Except for once.
And it was big.
Pre House incognito, effective anti star system.
No poses, only attitude.
The true punks do dance music.
The techno generation is still running 20 years after Blue Monday.
New Order were still running after Lou Reed... when they finally found out about Donna Summer.
Yeah, and one last thing, New Order should never have shot the Regret video with David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson.
On the beach.
During Spring Break.
With Californians all over.
Real ones.
No, not that.
New Order never do anything like anybody else.
A chronological "best of" is supposed to explain a logical route.
Not with them.
You will only find a natural gift for Anarchy.
Really, New Order should have been called New Order.
And definitely should never have been the best band on earth.

Escrito por David Blot, septiembre de 2002

Cositas que me gustan:

"La llevaré a un lugar donde no nos conocerán
Compraremos caras nuevas
Y algo de comer"